The Paradox of Greatness

In the last 40 years, many of us have been very blessed in the United States to have parents who told us we could do anything we wanted to. We could be anyone we wanted to be, the sky was the limit or perhaps that was not even a limit. We’re more educated, we’re aware we have more choices, we’re better read, there is a dozen plus self-help books on all our bookshelves and yet something is often missing. My colleague Marcia Reynolds calls it the burden of greatness and she talks about it as it pertains to women, but I think men are effected as well. I know lots of folks, both men and women, who are extremely competitive, and not just in sports. They want the career, the home and family, the ‘toys’, the big salary and yet something is missing. When will it be time to stop and smell the roses, relax by the sea shore and just ‘be’? When will we be ‘there’. Yes there is greatness within us all. Yes the world is served well by us when we tap into that greatness and yet what are missing, losing when we are forever in achievment mode?  What is the cost of greatness?


~ by transformativethoughts on June 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Paradox of Greatness”

  1. We must be still to find the love and joy deep within. Keep up your great writing about deep thoughts. You are needed!

  2. Find contentment in whatever you do, in whatever station in life you are in. Never force yourself to do things for the sake of greatness. Just live life for the sake of living, as-is, where-is.

  3. I can relate to your thoughts about feeling that something is missing.It is may be because we are always in a hurry to fulfill things, look for money to pay our debts, our bills, go to work early, accompany our kids to school and go to work afterwards, and so many other things that make us wish we have so much energy and resources to cope with. In the process of our hurryness, we tend to accomplish not everything that we need to and feel that “something is missing” despite our having done our best to be super women. Is is may be because we fail to trust in God’s wonderful ways of making our undertakings lighter and more manageable for us. We tend to rely on our individual capacities, stretching beyond human capabilities, failing to pause for a moment to seek God’s hand to do the rest. There is no end to our wants. We become frustrated when we are not able to have a big house, a huge sum of money, a promotion, a car- whatever.Only a trusting relationship with God can cure that feeling that something is missing because ONLY GOD IS ENOUGH.

  4. when we have achieved what we were longing for when we are younger, …it is about time to relax. enjoy the good things in life.

  5. Guess its within every individual. the seed of greatness is planted every time a process of creation is done, more so with the man whose image is after the Great Creator..

  6. When you’re up there and you think you’ve had “all of it, or have done all of it” you start to realize that you haven’t even begun being great…for greatness lies in the arms of a helpless babe, a sick man lying on the streets, a broken hearted woman who lost her beloved husband because of betrayal and unfaithfullness… tell me, what is greatness? it’s when you see clearly that greatness is not measured in the material things one owned but on how one was able to share his blessings to others… it is the laughter and the happiness one gets out of the ordinary things that gives you joy like the unexpected walking in the rain holding the hands of someone you love or the hugs you get from other people who cares when you are feeling down and lonely…. greatness is there when you know how to say you are sorry when you commit mistakes or hurt other people’s feelings even if they are just your lowly staff and errands… greatness is humility, greatness is love and sacrifice… greatness is achieved when we stop fighting and giving peace a chance…greatness is the giving of yourself for the goodness of humanity without expecting anything in return.

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