Status Quo or Moving On?

I was reading a book by Seth Godin this weekend, entitled, Tribes and it started me thinking about followers and leaders. My thoughts wandered to the area of faith and religion and how much they affect our lives – often without conscious intent. Religion seems to be the rules we live by and we are raised with these rules (also known as beliefs and filters). They come from family, church, school, society, etc. Statistics show that approximately 1/3 of us has left the religion of our upbringing and have chosen a new religion or a new path. Some people say they are spiritual, not religious, but can’t always articulate what this means. Does this mean one is no longer ‘bound’ to the rules of religion but has opened up to a fuller sense of faith?

Faith is the dividing line between humans and most other species. Faith gives us hope and hope lessens fear. Religion gives us rules to follow. Faith determines the actions we take. Many religions are fear-based, how does this bring peace or hope?  It seems to me that when we fall in love with the system (religion, traditions, rules, a particular political party) we lose the ability to grow. Our mind stops questioning and challenging what is. Religion seems to support the status quo.  Curiosity and faith lead to new discoveries, new levels and new ideas.

Isn’t this what we want in life and what we need in our businesses? What if we embraced the idea of expanding our thought systems, of inclusion rather than exclusion, of what if rather than what is? Religion encourages us to fit in, not stand out. The status quo says don’t rock the boat, if it’s not broken – don’t fix it, this is the way we’ve always done it, the Bible says…

In today’s business world, you must stand out in order to get noticed, you must be different, whether it’s a different spin on an old idea or a new idea or product that grabs attention and gets people to say Wow! Rather than saying, I don’t know how I feel about that, decide how you feel, open up to expansion, new ideas, question why you are open to some ideas and staunch in others. If it’s your values that hold you to the rules, that’s fine; but identify what those values are from the perspective of where you stand today, not where you stood at age 12 or where your parents stood.


~ by transformativethoughts on July 13, 2009.

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