Taking the High Road

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel if you take the high road? Anyone can complain, blame, shame, argue; not everyone chooses to take the high road.

And actually that’s what it is, a choice. When we’re in the midst of the emotion, we don’t see that we have choices.

We can make the choice to suck it up as my parents used to say, take responsibility, be accountable for our part in what has happened or we cannot. Life is not always a pleasant journey, things happen that are sad and even tragic. Acceptance of what has happened is not always easy, but look at the choices you have. If it’s the loss of a job, you can always look for another, but if it’s the loss of a person, you can’t bring that person back from death.  My current experience is that someone I know is grieving and in that grief this person is focusing her anger and grief in a very hurtful and destructive way. My heart goes out to her, but I think her present actions are just deferring the grief. Do you know people in a similar situation?

I was listening to Joel Osteen yesterday.  He made the statement that God is reaching out to us. He promises us a bright future even if the past has been dark. I do believe that if we will just let go of what is dragging us down, not try to rationalize it, forget about understanding it, that peace will come. Could this be what is meant by the statement, “The peace that passeth all understanding?”

Sometimes trying to understand something just keeps our thoughts and energy focused on the pain. Letting go of the past, and focusing on the light, the wonderful memories, the shared times, the happiness that was; is so much more comforting than the feeling of loss.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I am saying it’s a choice. In the end, the high road is a better way to travel.


~ by transformativethoughts on October 26, 2009.

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  1. Man, I would love to get some more posts about this topic. Thanks alot.

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