Five Tools for Objectivity

Have you noticed how sometimes people see everything in black and white?  Or perhaps have lots of emotion around being right? The truth is we all want to be right, and yet everything we hear, see and think is all filtered through a lens of beliefs, values, opinions and perceptions.

One of life’s guiding principles is people come from their own perception or perspective. If five people see a car accident, there are five different versions of what happened. In a staff meeting, if two people disagree or tenseness occurs, everyone present may have a different perception of what actually took place.  Sometimes a person has so much fear or angst, they blame or stir up drama. What follows are five short tools for becoming more objective in everyday life.

  • Challenge perception – be willing to question your opinion/look  for the truth
  • Be willing to see it differently; perhaps look through their eyes
  • Objectively verify others point of view
  • Be compassionate in your analysis
  • Journal about what bothers you, have a learning conversation with the person, practice forgiveness, or just let it go knowing in the big picture of life it doesn’t really matter

~ by transformativethoughts on December 11, 2009.

One Response to “Five Tools for Objectivity”

  1. Well said. I like your #5. Journal your thoughts to help organize them and then talk it through.

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