The Paradox of Goals

Are you a person who sets and reaches your goals? If so, what has been the benefit to you of this method of motivation and accountability? Have you gotten far, made much, been happy?

What happens if you don’t reach your goals, do you feel guilty, do you beat yourself up, put yourself down, carry the burden of doubt and worthlessness around?

I used to set goals as well and sometimes they helped – they helped me be accountable to me. They either gave me a reason to celebrate or to bash myself. Then I stopped setting goals. I realized that if I had a vision of the life I want to have and to live, then that vision was compelling enough to pull me forward. As opposed to me driving myself. This is a big distinction because I don’t like to be pushed or driven.

If I am doing each and every day or week what I need to do to stay on the path towards that vision then I’m doing well. Staying present to today, the activities, situations and people that show up on this day whether on my calendar or spontaneous is all I need to reach my vision. Yes, sometimes I have to do things that I don’t relish doing, like marketing or gardening, but hey, I want a great business and I love plants…so there you go..doing regularly what is necessary to keep and maintain that life I love. I do have an option, and I love options, its my independent nature. So what is the option, I don’t have to market or garden, but there are consequences….less work, less beauty. However, I don’t feel guilty about it, because I know I had the option to do or not to do and I took it (which ever it was). I’ve had enough guilt in my life, better to focus on that joyful vision of a life well lived.

Want to get to this place? You might want to hire a coach.

~ by transformativethoughts on January 26, 2010.

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