The Joy of Jezebelle

I have a new little adopted dog and she got away from me four times in the first week! Why? I wasn’t paying attention, I’d crack the door and like a flash of lightening, Jezebelle was off and running. Then I was off and running right behind her!  Did relish the run, No? Do I relish her, YES!

She is the most adorable little white shih tzu-poodle mix. She is happy, cuddly and smart. She was fortunate that she wasn’t abused, but was turned in by an elderly woman who could no longer take care of her. I told myself I was getting her for two reasons: (1) there are so many animals who have been affected by the home foreclosures and the general poor economy and (2), my nine-year old poodle mix needed a friend. But the real reason I now find is that a little more love and joy in a home is a good thing.

I’m the one enjoying it, Jasper is still undecided. She wants to play, he growls. She wants to share his food, he growls. She wants on the bed, he growls. But he is getting lots of attention from Mom and still has his place on Mom’s bed while Jezebelle has her own nearby.

Yes change is hard for some, I attempted to prepare him, but alas he didn’t understand. So now he just waits for her to go home.


~ by transformativethoughts on February 8, 2010.

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