Do Thoughts Manifest as Sickness?

When we  really need something it will be shown to us, if we ask and allow the answer to come. I’ve been down for four days with food poisoning or a stomach virus and I know that I brought it on myself with my thoughts. I can deny it; but I allow it to happen.

I read today: You’re picky about the car you drive, you’re picky about the clothes you wear and you’re picky about the food you eat. What if you were pickier about what you think?

A Course in Miracles says sickness is caused by judging (I’m not getting what I want, they don’t live up to my expectations, how could they do this to me, etc), attacking (blaming, judging, etc) or planning (out of fear for your future..fear attracts fear). My thoughts have been in the judging category lately. I’ve had a little more time on my hands recently and therefore more time to think. The thoughts I’ve been thinking were not what I would choose, IF I were conscious enough to choose. No, I don’t like to admit this, after all I’m a personal development coach and should know better. I’m also spiritual and know that I am responsible for what happens in my life and yet I too slip up.

My thoughts were all about needing to be “special”, I wanted to be considered, to be included in something I was not included in. Do I have a right to be upset? Yes,  but the question then becomes to what extent do I want to take it, do I want to give up my peace of mind over it? Do I want to hang onto it, obsess about it, worry about it, feel sad about it, continue to judge it OR do I want to let it go and move on?

I have convinced myself that some things are easier to overlook than others….not sure in the big picture of life this is true. If it takes my peace away, then I can’t be fully present to the moment. I’m living in the past – the past is over and I can’t do anything about it, can you? I can only learn from it and hopefully be able to let it go sooner next time.

Yes, all this mental turmoil which manifested as “non-digestable”  is what has been going on with me the last 4 days. I was seeing myself as a victim, so I actually became one. Gosh, how I hate that! This sickness could just as easily manifest as a loss of business or finances or friendships; somewhere in my subconscious I chose a stomach virus. It originated as  a virus of in mind, not the gut.

Well it got my attention! Now I really need to be picky about my thoughts. I can either allow others to be who they, responsible for their choices and not take it personally or just choose not have them in life. Whatever brings me peace is the most important. And if you think  this entire blog post is loony, that’s your choice.  This column is supposed to be out of the box and transformative.

~ by transformativethoughts on March 8, 2010.

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