What’s Your Positon on Life?

My mentor, Thomas Leonard, was a visionary creative. His quotes both inspire me and act like a splash of cold water on my face. Recently a colleague who worked closely with ‘t’, Andrea J. Lee bought the rights to his work and  is busy publishing it in many forms. Today I was reading some of his quotes and I’d like to share my thoughts around a few.

  • “Either you are creating your life or your circumstances are.” Who is in charge of your life, are you directing it by your vision, your choices and your actions are you allowing circumstances to rule you. If the latter, then you are you’re playing the role of the victim…which leads to another quote: “You may be a victim the first time, but the second time you’re a volunteer.”
  • “People are empowered when they switch from a perspective of ‘I can’t’ to ‘How can I’?”…choice again.
  • “Sometimes breakthroughs come from breakdowns.” The identification and breakdown of  things that obviously are no longer working in your life allows for a breakthrough. The breakthrough often comes after periods of darkness or chaos and confusion. Embracing the confusion will lead you to the breakthrough sooner.
  • “Assume every reaction you have is 100% about you. Even when the other person is clearly causing it.” This is a tough one to accept, but my take is that if it bothers me, hurts me, frustrates me, then it’s about me. The other person has shown me an area of myself that I have not mastered and therefore as Wayne Dyer says ‘ that person my greatest teacher’.
  • “Potential is what they call what you’re not likely to accomplish. Live life as if you have none.” It’s potential until it’s realized….realize everyday your strengths, your talents, your values and your vision….if your focus is compelling enough it will effortlessly pull you forward, without any thought to potential.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful spring, celebrate the new green (new growth, new opportunities), be grateful for all you have and all you love, and choose laughter as your default position.


~ by transformativethoughts on March 22, 2010.

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