Where Could You Stand to “Refresh?”

Many of us define success by what we have, what we own, how much money we make, how well our kids are doing, etc. But there are more aspects to success than work and money. Sometimes we need to take the time to look at all the areas of our lives. When you hear that little ‘nag’ in the back of your mind that tells you….”I need to get away”, please listen.

Last year I did no travel that was not business or family related and I worked as hard or harder than I ever have. This year I could feel a change in the air. I was pleased with how I had put my head down and focused last year, but now I was ready to go back to living more fully. I planned a vacation and invited one of my best buds to join me. Mexico seemed to be the most affordable place with water and sunshine, so I booked a 5-star resort and off we went to the Mayan Riviera and had a blast! What’s not to like when you have time, sun, friends, laughter, beautiful ocean, good food and drink , a spa and people to wait on you hand and foot. This is my idea of success in addition to all of the above mentioned things like work I love, good health, my little dogs, my family, my clients, my church and community.

I began to look at the quadrants of my life, those areas that make up the whole and contribute to who I am and the life I lead: like achievement, happiness, connection, and legacy. Achievement covers many things like my home, income, work, etc. Happiness covers my doggies, my book club, my love of good food, movies, friends, etc. Connection means how I connect with others in a significant way, because I’m a coach this is much of my work life as well as my personal life. I want to touch and connect with my sons, my friends, my extended family as well as my clients and the community activities I choose to participate in. Another area of connection is the couples I marry, I love performing wedding ceremonies, because people are so happy on their wedding day, so this spills over into my happiness quadrant as well. My legacy then includes my contribution to my church, the way I’m able to assist others in acceptance and forgiveness; owning their potential, looking for the best in others, and embracing the truth.

When I take a break from the ‘norm’, I’m able to refill my cup so to speak. I return refreshed, happier, with a bigger smile and most of all – more patience.

How do you refresh? What would be the benefit of your refreshing? Have you given thought to what success looks like for you? Where do you draw the lines between the different areas of your life? How do you know when your cup is full in one area and you need to give attention to another area? Spring is a wonderful time to look at new ideas, new growth, and blossom in the areas you may tend to neglect.


~ by transformativethoughts on April 6, 2010.

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