A Brokenhearted Memory of the Gulf Coast

I grew up 90 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, where the current BP oil spill is now washing ashore.

Every Saturday without fail, I would head my car south for a day of ‘sun and fun’. My parents loved it as much as I did and as a kid, we would head for the white sands with their friends’ families for weekends during my childhood. As a teenager, all spring breaks were spent at ‘the hang-out’ at Panama City Beach dancing to the Beach Boys and the Beatles..Later after I had children, come Saturdays we would pack up the boys and friends and off to the beach we would go. I can’t begin to tell you how many memories and photos I have of those wonderful days plus the sun damage on my skin to show for it.

The ocean has always been a place of spiritual rejuvenation for me. Walking on those white sands, feeling the sun on my face and listening to the sound of the ocean can give me peace of mind, clarity and allow me to come back ready to once again take on the world’s challenges. After my husband died, I went to the  beach, Panama City/Seaside area for three months to regain my bearings before I moved onto the next chapter of my life.

When I moved cross county to Nevada, the things I missed the most were my friends and the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

To see what is washing ashore now, to see the birds soaked in oil, to know where this leading for the fisherman and those who earn their livelihood from this ocean is heart breaking for me. It’s like seeing your favorite spot on the earth destroyed or seeing your sanctuary disappear. I don’t know what we as citizens can do to make it better, but I do know that BP and others took unwarranted risks that didn’t need to be taken and now many are paying the price. Not as great a price as the eleven that lost their lives and their families, but a great price never-the-less. A price that was totally preventable.


~ by transformativethoughts on June 13, 2010.

One Response to “A Brokenhearted Memory of the Gulf Coast”

  1. It’s so sad Judy.
    I’ve posted your thoughtful blog on facebook.

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