Examine – Expand – Energize – Enjoy!

In the long days of summer when we’re feeling hot, lacking in energy, and feel like hibernating…I had a nice breath of mental fresh air today. As a part of a group on “how to thrive” we talked about examining the past…in other words, look at the last 12 months and list all the things you’ve completed in the following areas plus more if you can think of some: administrative, professional development, financials, new products, contacts, contracts, clients/customers, marketing and PR or sales…you will feel your energy increasing as you list these.

Now turn your paper over and expand the future by listing all the things you’d like to do in the next 12 months…whether its in business, personal, exercise, financial, relationship…what ever areas work for you.  Now go back and look at this list and identify the top 3; the 3 that would make the greatest difference…..these 3 would change everything.

When I did this, I realized I could increase my income by $8000 per month if my top 3 came to fruition. Wow! Would an extra 8K energize me and make me enjoy life more…you bettcha!!

Now the next step is to identify the first step/action you can take tomorrow to make that happen, then what action the next day, etc.

Hope this little exercise will make your long, lazy summer days more energized and your future more enjoyable!


~ by transformativethoughts on July 28, 2010.

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