Forgiveness: A Business Strategy

I’ve been reading BOOM: 7 Choices For Blowing The Doors Off Business-As-Usual by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, an excellent book and was both surprised and pleased to find a section called, Forgive and move on.

We already know it works in our personal lives, and many are applying it to professional life as well.

Forgiveness is what gives team players and business leaders the capacity to take a hit, get back in the game and stay engaged. It’s a business strategy for cleansing the mind; something one chooses to do. This cleanse allows you to then view the world optimistically and work productively.

Anger and resentment is emotionally draining, it keeps you from adding value and derails your effectiveness.  It keeps your focus on the resentment, not the possibility or the opportunities being presented to you daily. Forgiveness is freeing and helps expose the truth. I recommend it totally, not always easy, but again it’s a choice you make, which in the end serves YOU.


~ by transformativethoughts on October 21, 2010.

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