Are We Over Reacting?

This article is not meant to disrespect anyone who lost family, friends or colleagues in the September 11 terrorist attacks in NYC but I’m still hearing feedback over the proposed mosque being placed near the Twin Towers site. As I understand it, it is really a community center and yes NYC is a really large city and they could put it somewhere else. The more important question to me is why are we as a nation reacting so strongly?

Ten years ago my mother was murdered in her kitchen in a home invasion by two young African-Americans. I promise you my Mother was just as important to me as anyone lost in the 9/11 attacks, yet I have not created a shrine in her kitchen nor have I tried to stop African-Americans from moving into the neighborhood nor do I think all African-Americans are bad people. There are people who do bad things regardless of their color, gender or nationality. All Muslims are not bad people,  the terrorists appear to be acting in the name of God and are reacting to us as Americans. A book I read recently, C-Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy by Jeff Sharlet is another example of what is going on today in the name of God.

People have all sorts of reasons for why they do what they do, none of which make it okay when someone is hurt or harmed. Let’s all do our homework and think for ourselves rather than just going with the flow of public opinion. Everyone has their perspective; you, me, all the colors, all the nationalities, all the religions. Does different mean bad or does it just mean different? I think there are really bad behaviors, but people are inherently good, something happens to them and the choices they make are very poor indeed, let’s not follow the poor-choice example.

~ by transformativethoughts on November 5, 2010.

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