Moving Beyond Chaos to Rhythm

Have you found yourself in a position recently that feels like more than mere chaos? It almost feels like time, people and places are moving at a manic pace. I was listening to a recording by Lissa Boles, Soul Mapper, the other day and it appears that Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all in retrograde and all planets are in fire.  My understanding is that this series of ‘cosmic events’ causes us to rethink, recreate and release and if we aren’t living and working with purpose we will feel out-of-sync.

There is a certain rhythm to our purpose and its expression and if we are out of pace with that natural rhythm, it’s easy to burnout.  I’ve been noticing the pull to be reflective, slow down, read, nap, and journal rather than be in constant motion. I’m more in a place of listening than speaking. The world tells us every moment must be productive. One must have a goal. What if we just accept that living has a purpose in the now? What if ‘being’ what I am is sufficient in and of itself? This then gives me permission to listen and trust that the next step will be given me. However, when this manic feeling is pervasive, I may have the desire to be quiet but I may also have trouble stilling my mind long enough to hear that next step.

These three retrogrades being in fire, (fire being designed to help us) means we’re being asked to review old patterns and lessons still governing our choices and actions. The entire world currently seems to be fighting for freedom; relationship freedom, economic freedom, political freedom and financial freedom. Last week the government almost shut down due to this financial and political chaos.

Pluto in retrograde intensifies and gives insights into what is to be eliminated or deleted so we can transform into who we are meant to be. Like Michelangelo chipping all the unnecessary stone to reveal the ‘David’ within; as we rethink, release and recreate the doing and settle into the being. In the meantime the inner guidance to slow down and the desire to move fast may be spinning us in circles.

I’m noticing what I say to myself when intensity comes on board.  I’m noticing that I feel guided to give up some  of my old habits. I’m noticing I’m a bit detached one day and taking things personally the next. I’m noticing that prospective clients know they can find value with me, and yet they are afraid to make the commitment. Perhaps afraid to move into ‘who they are meant to be’ or perhaps afraid to release the old patterns. I sense this is a year of transformation.

Perhaps this week will be about moving into action only based on purpose, and not doing anything out of should, but only what I feel is right for me. Where can my passion be combined with my purpose to find and give more happiness?

~ by transformativethoughts on April 17, 2011.

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