Resist or Embrace?

I’ve not posted in sometime because I’ve been resisting. Resisting writing in general, resisting beginning new projects, taking a stand, and thinking that I know the answers. Instead, I’ve been reflecting, getting in touch with my heart, reading, listening, observing. I’ve felt a deep need to spend time with my Spirit.

As I said in a previous post, much is going on in the universe and the planets this year. The bottom line of the planetary changes is for us to look at what’s working and what’s not working and to release and let go of what’s not serving us. Then take what does serve us and expand it. I’ve been cleaning out the in-box on my computer; unsubscribing from articles, newsletters, and unsolicited materials. I recently gave up a project I had been working with for several months because the environment was disruptive to my peace of mind.When I realized I took on the project from a sense of lack and was continuing with it for the same reason, I let it go. I don’t want to manifest lack or come from a place of lack because the universe is an abundant place; I have everything I need already. Taking the time to reflect and observe myself crystallized this realization.

As a coach, I do a lot of listening and observing; trusting that my clients have the answers if only I will listen well enough to ask them the right questions. So I’ve been listening to my thoughts and asking myself the ‘right’ questions. A Course in Miracles says ‘ideas leave not their source’ so every thought I have will manifest in some way. So if I’m not happy with circumstances I need to look at what I’m thinking. If my energy level is not where I want it to be, then I must stop thinking my energy is not where I want it to be! If I’m thinking business is slow in the summer, then I’ll continue to experience less business in the summer. I’m creating the situation I’m experiencing.

I sometimes think that if I’m an observer then perhaps I’m observing and not living. Not true. What is true is that I like very many things but in moderation: food, drink, people, travel, shopping, reading, television, etc. And the ebb and flow of how much is enough tends to change with my situation and experience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and I need to just stop judging myself for it. I truly enjoy being alone, (it took me a while to get there), being quiet, and I don’t have an aversion to eating alone, going to a movie alone and yet I love people and enjoy my friends!

The Buddhist teachings say all suffering is due to attachment. Attachments  can be cravings or aversions. I can crave sugar, naps, security, friendship or I can just accept that they are mine to enjoy and use but I don’t have to have them. Is this a radical thought? If I have an aversion to those who use their religion, politics, beliefs and ideas as a ‘my way or the highway’ type of philosophy, this is their prerogative. If I allow it to bother me, then I have an attachment to my ‘way’ and will suffer because of ‘their way’.

What if I just accept others for who they are? What happens if I love more? If I am coming from a place of gratitude and love there is no room for judgment and lack. Moderation is really about give and take, ebb an flow,  isn’t it?

Some questions that have been flooding my mind are these:

There is much talk about transparency these days. Who lives a transparent life?  Today it seems secrets are being exposed constantly as the world seems to desire to know the truth. Is it this desire to know and be honest that is exposing those who are not? Do we expect others to be transparent because of their position but don’t expect ourselves to be?

Does it really help the economy for me to criticize the politicians, the banks, the stock market, the world? How is that helping? Why not ask ourselves, “What can I do to change myself, my perspective, my habits? How will this help the world? After all if we can’t create peace in our hearts and in our own homes, how can we expect to have it on a world scale. If we can’t live within a budget a home how can we expect the United States to?

How can we treat immigrants like they are not even human? The United States has always be seen as a country with open arms and when we turn others away aren’t we saying you’re not entitled to a better life; but I am because I was born here and I pay taxes! No wonder we’re in debt, all we focus on is spending, taxes and debt.Why can’t we as a generous nation put together a plan to accept others, find them work and allow them to pay taxes?

As we celebrate our day of freedom, July 4th, what freedoms do you embrace and are grateful for? Try tracing the origins of that freedom back to its roots. What are you doing in your own small way to ensure that you leave this world and those in it in a better place than you found it?

These are some places my thoughts are going. I believe we all are one, we are all connected and if I’m disrespectful to others or treat others harshly, I’m doing the same to myself. I want to resist judgment and embrace humanity. After all, the constitution says: All men are created equal under God.


~ by transformativethoughts on June 30, 2011.

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