Taking Charge of Your Own Drama

The world and life seem to be in chaos most of the time these days. Or perhaps it always has been and today’s media just makes us more aware of it. What is causing the chaos? Is it all out there? How does what’s going on inside you influence what you are seeing in the world? Does your internal ‘temperature’ determine the external ‘temperature’ you are seeing? Of course it does. Our thoughts create our emotions and then often we act out those emotions. We spread those emotions to others by speaking, writing and sharing in a variety of ways and venues.

The most recent example would be the election and the two years of campaigning that we witnessed before the election. Whether you were happy or dismayed over the result is all based on your beliefs, your values, and what you are telling yourself about the winner and what this means for you and the nation. When you think these thoughts, what happens to your peace of mind and your energy? Do you feel good or do you feel angry? When you read the mud slinging on social media, does it bring you a sense of calm or stir the chaos pot?

I’ve been a life-long worrier and I’ve learned that I have to take my temperature when I start going into a place of drama. I call it ‘awfulizing’. When I take something and blow it up bigger than life, make it awful, fill it with what ifs, could happens, etc. I am growing the drama pot (sometimes without realizing it). Truth is none of us know what the future will bring and whatever it is we can learn from it. Whether it’s a government election, a nasty boss, the jealous co-worker, a noisy neighbor, a sick child, a financial crisis or a barking dog – ask yourself a few questions: Is this worth my peace of mind? How can I separate my emotions from the facts of this situation? Is there a different way of looking at this person or situation? What could make this person act in this way? What in my own background or belief system makes me react this way? What is the worse thing that could happen here? If that happens how would I hope to deal with it?

Asking questions – what questions, not why questions (why questions will usually keep you going in circles) – will allow you to bring things back into alignment and you back into a place of peace. Then gage your temperature when on social media and if it distresses or angers you, turn it off! The bottom line is this: Do you choose drama or peace of mind? Some people choose drama because that is the only time they feel alive. Drama is the drug and it comes at a high cost, not only to you but also to those around you.


~ by transformativethoughts on November 14, 2016.

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